What’s more important, Aim or Cue Ball positioning?

This is kind of a useless debate that can come up from time to time or even be a crossing thought in your own mind. I like to have fun and come with my short answer when asked this question with the reply of “I’ve never met a “B” level player that had a great cue ball but I’ve met quite a few that were great shot makers”. In case you’re not familiar with pool’s rating system it typically goes; Pro, Semi Pro, A, B, C, D and social. So in my response what I’m trying to say is that if you have a great cue ball you’re usually a higher ranked player.

Obviously both are important; the debate could be classified as useless as both should be studied hard. Imo your focus should be on learning how to move the cue ball around properly “While” you’re working on your accuracy (and your fundamentals). Too often a player’s mindset will be on pocket the ball, pocket the ball, pocket the ball and this initial mindset can block the player from reaching higher levels. The goal has to be on both 99% of the time. That is what pool is about, pocket the ball and gain position on the next shot. Great players do become great shot makers but that is not what got them to great status. Staying in line, recovering to get back in line ASAP got them there and the great shot making helped along the way.

If you learn to recognize and play the right shots, with the correct speed, spin and path you will increase your chances of reaching higher levels.