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If you really want to improve you’re in the right place. I don’t offer all the secret answers here BUT I do know the time you invest here, is time well spent. Time may be the biggest stumbling block you have when it comes to raising your game and I won’t waste one minute of it. Like many of us you’ve probably been searching around the web looking for as much info as possible, I’ve done it with golf. You jump around saying yes, yes, I like that and then you move on to the next hot tip. You can continue on that path, AFTER we’re done here lol. At which time you’ll be able to recognize and zip through the phony marketers and bad instructors that have you spinning your wheels, I really dislike these people, they hurt some of our most passionate players. If you ever want my personal opinion on something please feel free to write and ask. The Digital access pass keeps me with you 24/7 whether you’re at the table or not.

Guaranteed Improvement Videos and Ebook

10 Practical drills, with scoring system to mark your progress and 10 specialty shots to get your advanced cue ball control started.

Racking Secrets Volume I & Volume II

I do NOT want to turn you into a rack reading kook but I do believe you should be armed with enough info to protect yourself and maybe more importantly, in this day and age of rack your own, I don’t want you slugging yourself :O

Take the Tucker Test

If the above wasn’t enough (but it is) how bout we tack on another 12 hours of detailed training? You can read the description I wrote of the Test on the shop tab of this site so I’ll try to point out some things that I didn’t mention earlier. #1 I set up the test with you in mind. Ex; Shots 1-16 are all shot from the same cue ball and object ball positions and we just move our two pieces of 8.5×11 paper around a couple of times. With each shot you’re going to take 5 attempts at each target. So in this practice session of Section 1 of the test you will be taking at least 80 shots from the same position and you will be spending more time actually practicing, rather than constantly setting up balls over in over. I’ve seen many a drill that made me cringe because I could see the wasted time or the lack of progression by having to start over or set up the balls over and over.

The test was invented out of necessity. All players that come to see me require the addition of different skills probably because they’re at different levels, makes sense. But the one thing they all have in common from beginner to just below professional level is that they really don’t understand what can, can’t and should be done when faced with the angle of shot in front of them or the angle they should be attempting to get on the next ball in the run. This is my attempt to solve that common problem. #3 We all love scoring and practice is a little bit more fun when A) we’re competing for a score & B) we get to track our results and see our improvements and/or the areas we need to work on most. Our scoring is here and its not complex or time consuming. 2pts for making the shot and landing on the paper, 1pt for shot made and hitting the paper and big fat O when we miss ob or target. 100 different offensive shots and you can score up to 10 points for each shot. #4 And I’ll stop here in fear of writing a new book lol I tried to make it as enjoyable, simple as possible while guaranteeing you add the skills I know you need in your game.