About Joe

US Army Soldier who thought he was good in the dayroom but didn’t know, he knew nothing 😉 Talked himself and a friend into losing all their payroll money to former US Open Champion David Howard before finishing his service at Fort Benning GA. Started working full time while going to night school when he accidentally walked into a weekend pool tournament where some of the best players in New England were competing. As he stood viewing the front 3 tables, he was thunderstruck when he saw each player maneuvering the cue ball perfectly from shot to shot while playing 9 ball. it was that moment that Mr. Tucker thought “I know nothing” and immediately started seeking knowledge everywhere he could. By pure coincidence, his very first Accu Stat video match that he watched was Allen Hopkins vs “HEY that’s the guy, the guy from Georgia” David Howard. That was 1988, in 1991 Joe won his first of 8 Rhode Island State Championships and was on his way to becoming a professional player on the Camel Pro Billiards Series. Having learned to play at what most would call late in life is what Joe attributes his ability to pass on knowledge to others with. He loves to wait for that Ah Ha moment in his student’s eye as he asks the questions, and they discover the answers for themselves.

Along with hundreds of local & regional tournament titles Joe is also an Author, Inventor, Coach, Husband & Father of two.

  • 1984-86 Two years US Army FT Benning Georgia, dayroom ball banger.
  • 1987-89 8am-5pm Working, 6-10pm College courses and stumbled upon “Real” pocket billiards.
  • 1991 We’re off, no really, we’re off. One year of traveling and playing pool on the road cross the country.
  • 1992 Qualified to compete on the Camel Pro Billiard Series
  • 1993-99 Simply enjoyed being a professional player & instructor, and then the babies came 😉
  • 1998 Racking Secrets, a book that has helped shape our sport.
  • 1999 First son is born, less traveling, more instructing.
  • 2000 Second son is born & Guaranteed Improvement Book released.
  • 2004 Patented an amazing math based contact point method of aim; Aiming by the Numbers.
  • 2005 Invents one of the best pool playing training aids ever, The 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer.
  • 2005 Ranked #1 on Joss Northeast 9 Ball Tour 40th on Camel Pro Billiards Tour.
  • 2008 Patents & Invents Laser Stroke Trainer
  • 2009 Takes up Golf, finally. Goes on to help his oldest son become scratch at age 16.
  • 2010 90 Minute Rail Workout DVD instructional
  • 2011 Releases Racking Secrets II DVD, 9 Ball updates, 10 Ball & breaking techniques
  • 2012 Inducted into New England Pool & Billiards Hall of Fame
  • 2013 Inventor of Texas Bumps
  • 2014 Invents & launches American Rotation National League
  • 2015 Moves more toward online instruction & coaching but still loves the one on one coaching.
  • 2019-2021 Golf bug? Launched & steady private lessons.
  • 2021 Tucker Test Online Course 120 Shots explained in detail over a 12 HOUR period.

Joe has had many students over the years, tons of testimonials, many at a professional level and he has an impeccable reputation as a coach, your time with him will be time well spent.