What should I work on first or the most?

9 times out of 10 you’re going to here “Fundamentals” as the answer to this question. With me you’re going to hear education. I believe if a player has a clear understanding of how the game really works they’ll get to higher levels a lot faster and more often.

Quite often players are accidentally misguided into believing that if their stance, grip, stroke etc are perfect they’ll become run out players. I’ve seen it a thousand times and what we end up with are stick figures that usually can’t run 4 balls in row. These poor people would be capable of so much more if they were simply asking the right questions of themselves.

Fundamentals are important and I will go into them with you but to me you have to understand how the game really works if you want to run racks. If you can identify what shot should be played, how the shot should be played, understand the tiny details that are going to occur during the shot, you will be able to add the skills required quicker and more effectively than the player in the corner that thinks his perfect stance is going to make him a run out player. I don’t mean to make it sound like I’m bad mouthing fundamentals and I apologize for making it sound that way. I have to use it as a counterpart to an educated mind to help you realize there is more to pool than perfect fundamentals and I’m doing so in an effort to help you invest your time wisely.

Your time is the most important thing there is when it comes to learning pocket billiards and I HATE to see it wasted. We will work on your “personal” fundamentals all along the way.