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Oscar Dominquez

Oscar Dominguez

I learned more about reading the rack with Joe Tucker in a parking lot with 10 coins than I did in all my years competing on the Pro Tour. I don’t cheat, I don’t like cheating and I now know I won’t be cheated 😉

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Steve Tavenier

I was lucky enough to have Joe for a friend and tournament partner for many years. My Turning Stone Classic win was; Corner ball, position on the 1 Ball, Run Out and loved every minute it and all the other tournaments we got to go to together.

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Matt Tetrault

The racking knowledge is probably the most popular but Guaranteed Improvement and the Aiming Workout get me my best results. I think any player who commits to these drills will be happy with the results they see. Anybody can make up a drill but Joe has come up with drills that are directly geared towards […]

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