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Joe Tucker,Billiards,Pool,aiming system,system,aiming,racking secrets,secrets,racking,Champion,Products,Video,Training,Laser Trainer,Third Eye,Stroke Trainer,Guaranteed Improvement,Rhode Island,Professional,Amateur,Video School,Rail,DVD,Aiming,Secrets,Workout,Break


Joe Tucker,Billiards,Pool,aiming system,system,aiming,racking secrets,secrets,racking,Champion,Products,Video,Training,Laser Trainer,Third Eye,Stroke Trainer,Guaranteed Improvement,Rhode Island,Professional,Amateur,Video School,Rail,DVD,Aiming,Secrets,Workout,Break

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Testimonials Page 2 (Continued)

Testimonials - Page 1

I've been playing very good  pool for a really long time. I always seemed to finish in the top six. I have a hard break and when I broke well
and didn't scratch, I would run right through my opponents quickly. But, there always seemed to be that set where I would scratch 2 or 3
times and it would be a top six finish. After learning from Joe’s racking secrets book/DVD I was able to take my game to a new level.  The
knowledge from racking secrets is invaluable! I could have never won The Turning Stone Casino Championship if it wasn't for this information.

Thanks Joe,
Steve Tavernier
Turning Stone Casino Champion is the most popular & informative pool site on the web and their forum members are some of the more
knowledgeable players & toughest critics on the planet and that’s what makes these positive recommendations so sweet.

Hey Joe,
  As a former PGA teaching golf professional (who spent many, many years playing pool at a fairly high level) I spent a lot of time 
creating and passing along drills for my students to help them improve their game.  After buying a company and getting out of the golf business, 
I promptly decided that I needed to get my pool game back in shape.  As a young man I played pretty good.  Good enough to beat a few of the 
road players that came thru town - had a high straight pool run of 139. 
Bought a Gold Crown III -had them double shim the pockets and figured it was only a matter of time before I was playing up to speed again. 
I was "back up to speed" again....... sometimes!!!  Lots of struggles (run racks one day - get beat by a blind man the next)
  Cut to the chase-
  I couldn't rely on my old feel and I couldn't do the same stuff I Used to be able to do.  I had to change my perceptions.  Your "aiming system" 
did it!!  Just changing my perception of what was going on at contact made a huge difference.  Going thru those drills – actually CHARTING my 
misses - did the trick. I had forgotten what I had been teaching my students in years past And tried to just play by feel and instinct and there 
was no consistency. 
  Phoenix, AZ
  ** The irony is that the guy I got your book/video from said that he had read part of the book and only watched a bit of the dvd's.  
I asked him if "it worked." He said - "I don't know - I'm too lazy to try it..."  HA.


Hey Joe,

I would love to meet you some day and shake your hand. I picked up your DVD for racking secrets about three months ago. I have since
won 2 AAA events,
2 8 ball events, and tons of money games. I can routinely run out 3-6 packs as long as I don't gimp a shot.

While I was a the Limestone Open a strong semi-pro and a AA friend of mine were watching my match. The semi-pro saw me set up for a
soft break and I heard him tell my friend that I am nuts trying to soft break these tables. I had set the rack myself. I made 3 balls on the
break and had perfect shape on the 1 ball. I ran a 5 pack to the shock of the semi-pro. My AA buddy had just ordered your DVD on my advice
and was telling the semi-pro about it when  I was breaking. I believe that semi-pro is going to order one as well!

Anyway, I got your DVD added to my friends website ( and he is already getting orders.
It is a great DVD and I look forward to getting more stuff from you in the future.

I just wanted to say thank you.



Hey Joe,

Just a quick FYI to say although I have not learned or completed all of the shots in the workout, yet. I have seen a
dramatic improvement in my game in the last month. Even my friends have commented on it, they can't believe it! 
The biggest pay off so far was winning a 9 ball tournament in Wareham 2 weeks ago and then my partner and I won
1st place in the 9 ball league at Boston Billiards in Warwick last week. Everything I practiced in your system happened
during the matches in one way or another. In both cases during the match even when losing I came back 4 and 5 games
in a row to win.  For the first time I noticed my opponents (some pretty good players) trembling while shooting and racking
when they realized that they were likely to lose the match. The psychological advantage is really something!

Anyway, the workout really seems to work well - Thanks!



I just watched your Guaranteed Improvement and while I am sure I will come back with a lot of comments/questions, I simply wanted
to give you my immediate reaction  - it is simply the best instructional tape out there, enough to keep one busy for months!

Congratulations and thank you.




Congrats! You really have a great little product there! I've prescribed it for 5 or 6 players so far.
They loved it, and found it very helpful. One was a WPBA pro on whom I spotted the fact that she always sets up
a little left of the vertical axis of the CB, and then swipes across the ball a little to correct. She never had an inkling,
and no one else ever spotted it. I showed her on video, so she would believe it, and then put the 3ET on her stick.
She started pocketing balls perfectly, and kept saying "I'll never miss again!" Surprisingly, all of the purchases so far
have been the GOOD players. I'd be more than happy to give you a ringing endorsement quote.

I'll be ordering another dozen next month when I get busy teaching again.

BTW, everyone wants to call it "that pitchfork thing".

Tom Simpson

BCA Master Instructor

National Billiard Academy

Columbus, Ohio

614  975  8337

"Beat People with a Stick!"


Joe, My name is Douglas A and I have purchased all of your products. You have no idea how much you have helped my game in such a 
short amount of time. Your system is flawless and so easy to see I now play with a competence beyond belief. I once was blind but now 
I can see thanks to you. You have taken all the guess work out of pool now. The shots that I come with now have my team mates and 
opponents in awe. Your system is going to bring everyone's game up that happens to find out About it and this is a good thing for you 
and a bad thing for me. I really Want to enjoy this as long as possible before the rest of the world finds Out about it. I am sorry to say 
that I will not be spreading the word about you to anyone but my 2 sons. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this system and I wish you
 all the best. (what a problem this is) 
Douglas A 
Of all the pool videos I've seen in my life, I've never felt compelled To write the author.  I recently purchased your Racking Secrets 
DVD at Valley  Forge  and I must say it was one of the best videos I've ever seen. As a more advanced player, I almost never really 
get a lot out of instructional videos;  however, I was glued to yours from the beginning to the end.  Not only was your 9-ball break 
information priceless – your straight pool information was excellent as well.  The numbered aiming system was worth the investment 
for your video by itself... invaluable for the  back-cuts. I never thought I'd say this about any aiming system, but I'm going to purchase 
your aiming balls / video.  I'm really happy you talked me into buying your  video.... one of the best ever.
York, PA
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much the Third Eye has helped my game. I have been aware of the fact 
that my cue ball has a very faint left to right  "drift" but could never figure out how to correct...other than making a compensation 
adjustment. Your little third eye along with your excellent dvd was quite an eye opener. The problem was actual a rather easy fix. 
I am hitting the center but after numerous repetitive shots I began noticing that I am apparently "twisting" or "turning" my cue ever 
so slightly causing the obvious result. 
This was the best money I have ever spent on correcting and improving my game.
Thank You Joe,
Thomas S
Longwood, FL.


Hi Joe,

Our APA teams had Regionals last weekend, so it was good that I got the 3rd eye beforehand. But I had to use it first, and try to adapt quickly.
We had some "open tables" at the local bar for our teams to warm up on. I took it out, attached it to my stick, did some practice strokes,
trying to "get the new picture". I hit the object ball. Missed. Again, missed same way. Again, missed same way. Some pool players were
watching me from the bar. They know I am supposed to be a good player. They laughed, "What's the pitchfork for? It's supposed to help you?
That's 3 misses in a row! A lot of good that thing does!" I knew those guys were just joking with me... Ok, adapt... Hit, in. Hit, in. Hit, in...
Four racks (60 balls) without a miss, eventually center pocket on most shots. Some shots are set up diagonally left, some diagonally right.
 Latter ones were with straight draw back toward the pocket. I was impressed. I took it off, and tried to remember "that new picture".
I forgot a few times, but when I stayed aware, I did fine. I think I may have missed once in a couple dozen more shots. I am left eye dominant,
right handed, like you. Without the "new picture" I would hit the object ball to the left, just as you say in your video. My "new picture" tells me
to aim the cueball slightly to the left on the object ball to make it go straight. Same as your "new picture". Before I got your tool, I am sure
that I had a habit of correcting my stroke by stearing or twisting, giving some slightly random results, depending on the "correction". Your 3rd eye,
once I adapt, should take away that randomness.

Your video at is worth the $14.95. I know some people out there who don't know any better will wonder why 10 cents
of plastic pieces should be priced that much. Those who know better understand the video instruction is worth the money. I think it was wise
of you to add the DVD with the trainer, even though your website has the video. Without seeing the video, people might regard your tool as
a silly gimmick. The video explains it and the science real well.
I am very happy with your product.
Thanks again,


Hello Joe,

 I just would like to give you some feedback on your aiming workout. I have been playing league for about 3 years now and in BCA my
highest skill level has only reached an 8.3. I started using your aiming method right after our last session ended. After practicing with
your workout I am now a 9.5 and in 4th place individual. We are going on 5 weeks in the session. I wish I had ran across this workout
earlier. I want to thank you for a great teaching product. I have been to 3 different schools and I have learned from everyone one of
them, but I have never made a big a jump as I have with your workout. I was using a method similar to your method only difference was
that I was finding the center of the object ball and aiming it with the pocket and making that the #1 point and so on and I only used 4
contact points instead of nine. Now that I am looking at the #1 and #9  points facing the same direction all the time I am pocketing balls
better and more consistent. I still have a long way to go and I feel that I can do it now.




Hey Joe,

  I received my new Third Eye Stroker and I really like the new design, very nice improvement, the taper in which the bridge piece goes
over the ferrule, the fact that it now fits the Predator Z- shaft and the fact that it is more pliable, again very nice work, I'm going to
check with a few of our pool halls around here that sell some billiard supplies and see if they would be interested in selling your product
at there place of business, I'll be the Demo guy for you. (LOL)                                                                                            

MORE PEOPLE CAN ENJOY SHOOTING BETTER POOL, I don't go anywhere without my  Third Eye Stroker, its in my cue case, I use it to 
practice before a  match, and  every Day I practice in my basement, no lie I hit an average of  100 balls using high, low and middle, 
then I hit another 100 balls without it  high, low, middle,  I enjoy the game better than I ever have before and I  never thought that 
would  be possible.                                                                                       

I have been busy with the third eye stroker ever since, but after I practice tonight I am going to check out the other items you have
on your sight, looking forward to it, I come from work and spend 3-4 hrs practicing week nights and anywhere from 10-12 hrs Sat.&Sun.
used to be bad practices till I purchased the third eye stroker now they are all GOOD. If you care to use my comments on your web-site
feel free to do so, I truly would not say them if I didn't mean it you have developed an awesome stroke trainer. GOOD JOB!!!

Thanks for your inventions,

Al Garcia


Hi again Mr. Tucker, my name is Mike B

I'm a customer from SC. I purchased a stroke trainer and the package deal a few months ago (which improved my game tremendously)
but alas, my stroke trainer finally wore out and broke. I was wondering if I purchased 3 of them (two for me and one for my friend) if
there was a discount. If not it's no biggie, I'll still get a couple just because I feel it's the best product out there for getting in stroke
right now.

Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.


Joe..........Now that's what I call FIRST CLASS!    I own a small business and ALL my business is driven via word-of-mouth.........treat 
the customer well and it will rebound 10-fold. Thanks!  I'm a decent amateur player who is addicted to pool and I'm always looking to 
improve my game. Your description regarding "the shot picture that your brain sees" made a huge  amount of sense to me. I have a 
mega-dominant left eye (I'm right handed)  and recently I began to miss certain shots........After thinking about what  I learned from 
your video I FIXED IT ! ("You" fixed it!) Thanks again!
Regards, Jay


Dear Mr Tucker
Hi I ordered some balls today to help me on the aiming work out. I have been doing your drills and bought the stroke trainer. I also 
bought a Break rack trainer on your recommendation. It took only three days of practice and I am now making 1 to 2 balls on my 9 
ball breaks almost without fail and having a shot on the 1 to go with it. Im over 55.a woman who never picked up a pool cue until 2 
years ago...make a long story short I joined the APA was a very popular 2 until I decided to "really" learn what to do.  I was a three 
till a few months ago after doing your workouts every day. I got best player for the session award with 12 out of 13 wins and went 
to a 4...then I started your aim by the numbers just  3  weeks ago  I beat my first "4'" this past week end and last night put away a 
five easy. I m determined to learn those 27 most difficult shots in your work out. I love gadgets so I ordered the balls today...
send’em fast OK  LOL

Take Care your friend Margaret G


Hi - my name is Matt  owner of blank billiards in Washington, 
I would like to buy some products for resale, my pool Players are expressing great interest in some, anyhow I would like to get some 
stroke trainers and racking secret dvds, would like to know minimums and pricing.  please call asap to myself at 206-555-5555 and i 
will put in an order would  like to try to get some asap.
Hi Joe,

 I looked for a phone number on your site so I could call you but didn't find one. I wanted to personally thank you for what you've 
created.  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you (as I'm sure you already know) how powerful your stroke trainer is. I can't wait to write 
all about it and I feel like I want to share it with every single pool player.  I introduced it in my clinic last week and will be using it 
again tonight. My students in the clinic are very beginner-level and it was easy to identify their stroking flaws. The most significant 
use was when Chisolm, my fiancee & a bca master-level player, tried it the night I received the package. Immediately, he discovered 
a flaw in his stroke and, as promised, was able to visibly correct it with the 3rd eye. I've never heard him  praise another training 
tool like that before.

 I had watched your videos online before I received the packaged and we watched it again together. We both agreed that though simple and probably lower-budget than others I've seen (not intended to offend), your video was incredibly effective and well edited & produced. Your stroke is phenomenal! I loved the order and the organized format that you presented the material and was VERY impressed at how well it was presented. You spoke clearly and to the point. I have been a part of the educational filming of other pool videos and can appreciate how many takes it requires sometimes, so I applaud you for a job well done.

You can look for your write-up in the September or November issues of Professor Q Ball, Inside English, On The Break News,, and/or I hope you sell a million of these things! Every pool player, at any level can benefit from it.  I fully endorse this product and you can feel free to use any of my words for your marketing purposes.  Also, I would be very interested offering the 3rd eye on my website ( I'm not trying to profit off of it, I just believe in your product. If you're interested, we can work out a small percentage to cover my processing fees and you can just drop-ship all sales. I don't know how many we'll sell, but I believe this product deserves as much exposure as it can get.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Thanks again,  Samm
Hello, Joe:
I just received my third eye and put it to use.  I'm impressed.  I also got a real look at your aiming system (which I also just received).
I've had the balls for some time, but I had set the system aside  Because I felt that it was too complex for most players, particularly novices.
But now after viewing your videos and getting immediate feedback and improvement with the  stroke trainer (3rd eye) I've decided to 
integrate them into my intermediate-advanced program. I think I've now found the key where I can turn good players into
monsters.   Kudos. 
My school features a small pro shop and I'd like to add the 3rd eye to My product list.  Could you give me a volume and wholesale pricing list.
Thanks for everything,
Ed Ball
Chief Instructor
The Cue School, Toronto
Hi Joe, 
I forgot to tell ya that I showed Larry Schwartz your product, who I think you know and when I showed him how the 3rd eye 
works, told me he has tremendous respect for you. I thought you'd appreciate hearing that. I think the stroke trainer is the 
best training device I've ever used. Although I'm just a beginner, and some of the good players here in Chicago will give me 
the breaks, the 4 and the 7, I have a sneaky feeling they won't want to give me that big spot any more. Actually, since I started 
training with it about 3 weeks ago, I've totally lost my fear of long straight in shots, and make them very consistently now. Actually, 
I love them, because I know how to pot them. One of these players gave me the breaks, the call 4 and call 7.  Played him two sets, 
and broke even. He later told me I've improved a lot, and that that spot is now too big. Thank you Joe for helping me pot those
straight in shots.
Thanks again for bringing this excellent invention to the market. I Hope you sell millions of them.

Hi Joe I bought your 3rd Eye stroke trainer off a vendor at the Glass City Open, also about 6 to 8 months ago I bought a different stroke trainer,
which I have been using the whole time. Now after using your device for just a few days it has done more for my stroke then the other stroke
trainer has done over 6 months, it corrected my major flaw of stroking from left to right, and I can see an unbelievable improvement from using
your product for just 3 or 4 days. I was so impressed with it that I ordered the rest of your products. I ordered them on Monday or Tuesday of
November 21st or 22nd, my name is Vince J I'm just wondering how soon I should expect that It's been a week now or is there a tracking number?

Thanks for the wonderful product


Vince J

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